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Spenting a afternoon at thrissur is very easy....take food from saphire ...get to the round ....may be you can buy a pack of cashew or groundnut...and just walkind round the round...vast areas....lot of tree shades...places to relax....cooldrink points....and most important different type of people...I found walking little unhygenic as some people who found those vast areas suitable to answer the call of nature...though we had to take extra care...the walk was nice...there is a park near to the round..i found it relaxing to spent couple of hours away from the rush of city...namshi found the place extremely enjoyable as there was no scracity for beautiful gals...any ways after a round around the round we had to get back to bustand to reach home before night..


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These are one of the worst days that can happen to one......completing the graduation and waiting for a job...i would be very happy if I have some thing to do... each day...still most of days seems to be a disappointment for today is one laying in bed even after waking up seems to be a better option of time pass for me.... today while I was laying in such a friend namshi called me....he is also in almost the state as we wanted some plans to spent the day....there are no more released films to where to finally we decided to go to thrissur and do some mouth-looking and some freak out...any ways we headed to kutipuram at 12.30pm and waited for thrissur bus..It has been a while since we realised that ksrtc is the best to make a journey we waited still a ksrtc came...ofcourse journey was nice..with much legspace and less passengers we enjoyed the journey aswellas the know what I meant...any way am here at thrissur at 2.30 ....will write more later...this is Noufal signing oFF bye..

Back to blogs...

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Yesterday my friend Randeep asked me why I am not posting any blogs these the way he is a active blogger...I love his blogs( ...actually I also love to blog..actively...but whenever I sit with my computer to make a seems i have lot of topics in my mind....I really wanna share a lot about my views on recent issues...but I can never make it because all my views are that much controversial... it seems...and it will make me think of that issues more and more which I don't want to do...How could I post about the recent Mumbai attacks....the Ghaza Invasion..the Malegavu issues....the vote4 note issue... without being I myself,like every common man, decided not to think about it much and live as if I have no mouth.....i know what you want to say......still i have no dear randeep and my dear friends hope someday i will start thinking of some other topics....and make a post...bye

How to get provisional degree certifcate,consolidated marklist for B-tech passout from Calicut university..

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Hello a b-tech passout from calicut university I do hav lot of frnds in same university..tat tooo 2008 passouts..,most of them are going to buy their provisional degree certificate,consolidated marklist etc from the university i thought of writing few steps on how to get thru procedures soon..ok..comments sre invited..

*firstly get all u r marklist from sem1-sem8 ready with.If u have not recieved 7 and 8 marklists..get it from college.

*Take a copy of your s7 marklist.

*Take your 12th marklist with you(attested copy will do)

*Take something like drivers license,passport,voters ID card..or even any of the Hall tickets with you to show your identity

*At calicut university pareeksha bhavan, get a application form for PROVISIONAL CERTIFICATE and CONSOLIDATED MARKLIST(its a single form) ....frm the counter near to enquiry at a charge of Rs,.15

*Pay a fee of Rs.125 for consolidated marklist and Rs.65 provisional certificate for at the fee counter near to enquiry and get the chalans..

*Now fill up the aplication form for the certifictes

*Go to btech section on the 3rd floor of the pareeksha bhavan building and there u can c a counter for each brach(ECE,CSE,MECH etc)

*Give the application form along with chalans and a copy of s7 marklist to the official at the counter.

* u r done!!!Now u will get the provisional and consolidated marklist within 1 hr or 1 week depending on u r luck!!

Now if u want to apply for the B-tech degree certificate...u can do it once u have got u r conslidated marklist..procedures.

*Get the application form for degree certificate from the counter near to enquiry at a charge of Rs.15.

*Get a copy of consolidated marklsit and provisonal certficate from the from the photostat counter near to main canteen...just about 50 mtrs away from pareeksha bhavan.

*Get it attested from any of officers(better u go to the university enginnering section near to pareeksha bhavan ..just about 30 mtrs away )

*Now pay a fee of Rs.410(for getting it urjently) at the fee counter u went before and get the chalan..(write the chalan no. some where as a saftey precaution)

*Write a declaration on a white paper(for Re.1 ,u can get it frm the small tea shop near to pareeksha bhavan...i know u wont take it wit...after all we r engineers na?)..that you dont have any pending request for supplimentry ..improvement or revaluation...

*now a get a letter cover (get it for 50 paise, from the tea shop near to pareeksha bhavan)..

*Tie (get thread from the small box near to door of pareeksha bhavan)your application form along wit chalan reciept,12th marklist attested copy,provisional certificate attested copy,consolidated marklist attested copy and the declaration ......and put it in the letter cover and write APPLICATION FOR BTECH DEGREE CERTIFICATE on the cover.

*Now put in the TAPPAL box near to the door of pareeksha bhavan.

*U r done!!!!wait for atleast 1year to get it by postal

Nuclear Agreement between India - USA

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Nuclear Agreement between India - USA

There are lot of talks about 1 2 3 Agreement between India & USA and it almost led to the topple of Central Government. In this mail I am trying to explain the commercial & technical aspects relating to this Agreement

What is 123 Agreement?

This is called 123 Agreement because this comes under USA's Atomic Power Act Section 123.
Let's see how India's (Indians?) Sovereignty & Independence are pledged...

(1) After this Agreement USA will supply all fuel, machinery / equipment & technology to India for producing Nuclear Power.

(2) All these days from about 22 Nuclear Power Plants, India is producing power as well as Atom. It's a high security / secret that from where which is produced, how much is produced, where it is supplied, what research is being done with that, etc. to anybody. But if we sign this Agreement, we have to disclose these secrets and also agree to 14 of our Nuclear Power Plants to be under the scanner of International Atomic Power Organisation.

(3) The fuel utilised to produce Atomic Power can be recycled for reuse and this plant will be under direct supervision of IAPO.

If India does nuclear test, this agreement gets cancelled. But

(1) USA will take back all the machinery / equipments / technology supplied to India thus far.

(2) Those 14 plants will continue to be under scanner irrespective of the status of the agreement.

On the other hand, if any of the commitments given by USA is breached by them, then there is no clause for cancelling this agreement.

The agreement is apparently like this... USA can either hug India or slap India. India will not ask why are we hugged or why are we slapped.
On the other hand, India cannot hug or slap USA for breach of agreement.

This is only capsule so that easy to read and digest.

Subject: India Pledged.... Part 2

Requirement of Power

The most important requirement for India's Economic Growth in the coming years will be the power & infrastructure. The argument put forth favouring the 123 Agreement says that we need Nuclear Power Production to be increased to meet the demand.

Power Production in India

Presently following are the figures:

Thermal Power 66%

Hydel Power 26%

Solar & Wind Power 5% - Presently Rs.600 Crore are spent for producing this power.

Nuclear Power 3% - If this is to be increased to 6%, it requires additional Rs.50,000 Crores.

Naturally it will be wise to increase other 3 modes of power production rather than the expensive & dangerous Nuclear Power. Isn't??


We used to import Uranium from various other countries. After the Pokran Test, we are not getting it. To augment the supply, we need to sign the 123 Agreement to get Uranium from USA. But we will have to declare to USA from which power plant India takes raw material for producing Atom Bomb. Why should we disclose our internal secrets to those
people ? Will any one allow an outsider to continuously monitor what's happening in your Hall & Kitchen of your house? Other study reveals that Uranium is available in India aplenty. Only hurdle is the acquisition of land. To produce Atomic Power & Bomb in the next 40 years, the requirement of Uranium is 25,000 MT whereas the availability is 78,000 MT across India.


Presently 35% of Plutonium is used to produce Atomic Bombs. After signing the Agreement, we will be allowed to use only 10%. Who are those
people to restrict the usage of our natural resource? That is though you are capable of cooking & eating 10 idlis as your breakfast, you are allowed only 3 idlis henceforth. How can it be? Why should we accept this?


As told by Dr.APJ, we have abundant Thorium. In fact we are the 2nd largest producer of Thorium next only to Australia. India has to explore this further for producing power. For your information, in
South India - particularly around Kanyakumari, the availability of Thorium is abundant.


USA does not like the amicable relationship between India-Iran and also India-China. If India-China relationship gets stronger, then both these can rule the Eastern Part of the Globe which USA wants to break as per their divide & rule.

By signing this agreement, USA wants India to depend on it for producing power which is going to be a crucial factor in future. There is a talk of bringing Natural Gas from Iran to India with a big pipeline project. USA doesn't like this proposal.

Atomic Power Technology

Whether power is produced or Bomb is produced; using Atomic power without spoiling the infrastructure and without allowing the radiation is always under threat. Moreover preserving the wastes coming out of Atomic Power Plants is expensive & unsafe.

There was an accident in Three Miles Island in USA. To close this plant nearly USD 200 Crores spent with tons & tons of concrete but yet to be fully closed.

In another accident at Soviet Union's Serbia Plant, even the next generation children are affected due to the radiation.

It will be very very expensive to defuse & close down an Atomic Power Plant than its construction cost.


France has got 56 Nuclear Power stations producing 73% of the country's total power requirement. They are catching up the problem of eliminating the wastes / emissions from out of those plants at the same time increase the power production capacity. Government of France is now thinking how to reduce the power consumption in the country.


In view of the above danger, rather than signing the agreement and pledging India to USA, it will be prudent to increase the Solar & Wind Energy and more importantly Hydro Power Production can be increased by linking all rivers across India and by constructing DAMS. (Of course Dam construction projects can be given to L&T's B&F Sector:-)

The whole process of this Agreement started in the year 2005 when Manmohan visited USA. In a span of just 2 years a major decision of signing this agreement has taken place with political motive. On the contrary, neither this Government nor any other earlier Central Government could not amend the Constitution thereby nationalise the rivers across the country thereby effectively utilise the water resources for both Agriculture purpose and producing Hydel Power. What an irony?

Whenever someone is helping the needy, you can't expect the TERMS AND CONDITIONS BETWEEN THE needy and the helper to be EQUAL??? BUT

(1) the helper's ulterior motive should be seen with broad eye because he is capable of digging a grave behind you and

(2) better to be self-sufficient and explore new avenues with available resources.


India is very rich in Culture; follow Religions, Value Ethics, Level of Education is Very Good.

China is also rich in Culture, follow Religion, better disciplined.

USA does not have Culture, does not have Ethics, only want power over
others. Particularly wants a firm footing in South Asia. Remember the introduction EURO by European Countries and it is stronger than Dollar? So their "DAL" cannot be boiled at "EUROPE ". They are trying in India as already Pakistan is in their clutches.

Thank you for your valuable time!!!

Mobile phones i used....

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Am a real fan of technology.....especially when it comes to mobiles...i really spare lot of time reviewing new mobile phones... i do spent a lot to buy mobile phones..i am using mobile phone for last 4 i thought of making a blog to show you all mobile phones i the way i love Nokia phones the most for the type of standard they you may ask me doubts and opinions on any nokia phones here....I will reply if i know about it...

My childhood TECHIE fantasies...

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In my childhood,i always used to dream about many 'tech' gadgets..especially lot of communication walkie talkies was always a piece of stuff that i made stories of....I used to dream a lot in those days...especially when i was studying in 4th ,5th etc..I was almost lonely those days...i didn't had any friends in my neighborhood...i was really lonely during my it became a habit to sit some where thinking of wild..strange things...and make up new stuffs(gadgets) in mind...I always have a love towards traveling...especially a kind of trip that i would start with no destination...i those days the trips i planned in my mind was to some wild forests...with no burden of civilizations...and i would be the hero there...So i would say good bye to my parents..and the start a jeep to the forest...but i said i am the hero in my i always had lot of stuff with me..the main thing that i hold will be walkie talkies...i will 2 or 3 of a short range one..only about 10-20km range...then a much better one some 200-300 i can keep one in my home and take the pair with that i could talk to my mom sometimes...(those days i didn't had any idea on mobiles...if so i would have made my dreams more realistic)..and the next stuff would be binoculars ....that too a big i can see far..far away..some 100km's and all...and now then i will make a lot of adventures stories of myself in my dreams...note that my JAMES BOND stuff always comes handy in many situations of my story..
As i said this type of story making continued for 2 or 3 years..still i began to realize the actual world me..i got to know about computer these days..if i am correct i got the opportunity to touch a computer for real when i was in 5th or 6th ....oh...that story is funny...actually i touched computer for the first time from my school itself...those days computers were too our school had only too was IBM pc's b/w...and we had a hour every week for computer..there were about 40 students in our class..and 2 computers for we were made to stand in two lines...and each person was given a chance to use computer for about 5 minutes...oh...that feeling was simply great when i was typing on keyboard..coz there were about 4 dozen students eyes on me..watching me using it...waiting for their chance..anyways after that computer became field of my interest and its not a big deal for some one to have a computer their own..even LKG students are given an hour for computer school now have a separate computer lab for KG students..anyways that habit of dreaming is not completely out from me now also...